About Altera

ALTERA is the leading company on the market, specializing in tent sale and rental as well as equipping and organizing various events.

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Welcome to Altera’s world of elegantly modern tents and pagodas. For 17 years, our team has crafted sites for various weddings, fairs, and other events. Our tents and pagodas, like elegant sea vessels, sail into cities and places, city squares and streets, hills and beaches, yards and courtyards. They house the magic of meetings, hospitality, becoming a pleasant shelter for strangers and friends alike.
The ALTERA name comes from the Latin alterus, meaning ‘different’, ‘special’. We believe this perfectly describes our approach to each event we help make happen. Altera tents become a point of mingling and ceremony when you want something different, something better, in a location of your choosing and regardless of number of attendees.
An experienced and knowledgeable team and gorgeous decorations and equipment to leave you speechless – all this will make your event with us always appealing and interesting. Get to know us, give us a call. Together, let’s be special, better, and different.

Ivana Škrlec, dipl. iur.
mr. sc. Bojan Makar


To organize tent and pagoda events which provide exceptional aesthetic and functional experiences for all guests.

To be a leader in the tent and pagoda event management market, and consistently work to perfect and attain excellence in all elements of business practice.


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